Iman Traboulsi PhD viva

On the 17th of December, Iman defended her PhD thesis entitled “”Radical addition onto functionalized chiral cyclobutenes. Application to the total synthesis of Eucophylline and Eburnamine. A biomimetic approach towards leucophyllidine”. This was done in front of a jury composed of Dr. G. Vincent (U. Paris-Saclay), Dr. F. Denes (U. Nantes), Dr. G. Masson (ICSN, Gif/Yvette) and Dr. D. Bassani (U. Bordeaux). Congratulations Iman and good luck for the future.

Claire Laye PhD viva

On the 14th of December, Claire defended her PhD thesis entitled “”Etude de nouveaux cations silyliums pour la synthèse et la catalyse” in front of a jury composed of Prof. L. Fensterbank (Sorbonne Université), Dr. M. Donnard (U. Strasbourg), Dr. A. Baceiredo (U. Toulouse) and Prof. D. Taton (U. Bordeaux). Congratulations Claire. We wish you good luck for the future.

Our group at the SECO-57

Part of our group participated from 21st to 25th of september 2020 to the SECO-57 at Léon in the Landes (France).
Congratulations to Iman and Claire who presented their PhD work on this occasion