Cong Dai Bui joins us

Cong Dai Bui joins us as a master 2 student on a project in collaboration with the team of Prof. H. Cramail (LCPO, University of Bordeaux) in the frame of the PPM research program. 

Welcome Dai !

Martin Ogbu’s PhD viva

On the 23h of March, Martin defended his PhD thesis entitled “”New Processes for the Synthesis of Urethanes and Polyurethanes” in front of a jury composed of Dr. L. Grimault (U. Paris Sciences & Lettres), Dr. C. Gosmini (Ecole Polytechnique), Prof. J. Lalevée (U. Haute Alsace), Prof. H. Cramail (U. Bordeaux) and Prof. D. Taton (U. Bordeaux). Congratulations Martin. We wish you good luck for the future.
After the PhD thesis, Dr. C. Gosmini and Dr. L. Grimault gave two stimulating lectures, respectively on cobalt catalysis and electrochemistry tools.