Our paper in honor of Prof. P. Renaud on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Our article in Helvetica Chimica Acta on « Aryl-mediated Alkenylation of Alkyl halides » has just been accepted. This paper is dedicated to Prof. Philippe Renaud (University of Bern, Switzerland) on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Our team and Philippe’s team have collaborated for several years on projects around radical chemistry, in particular on carbo-azidation of chiral allylsilanes and radical processes involving silaboranes.

Congratulations to Ahmed and Gülbin.

Ashique Jatoi PhD viva

On the 16th of April, Ashique Jatoi defended his PhD thesis entitled « Some Recent Developments in Free-radical Additions to Olefins and Heteroarenes » in front of a jury composed of Prof. P. Belmont (U. Paris-Descartes), Dr. C. Ollivier (U. Sorbonne-Paris), Prof. I. Chataigner (U. Rouen) and Prof. P. Toullec (UB). Congratulations Ashique and good luck for your future position as Assistant-Professor at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University in Pakistan.

V. Pirenne defended his doctoral thesis

On the 20th of December, Vincent Pirenne defended his PhD thesis entitled  » New radical additions of alkylsulfonyl cyanides onto unactivated olefins. Enantioselective approaches towards the total synthesis of leucophyllidine «  in front of a jury composed of Prof. P. Melchiorre (ICIQ, Tarragona), Dr. S. Lakhdar (U. Caen), Prof. J.-P. Goddard (U. Mulhouse) and Dr. D.M. Bassani (UB). Congratulations Vincent and good luck for your post-doc in EPFL in the group of Prof. J. Waser !

Ahmed Chaambi PhD thesis viva

On the 13th of December, Ahmed Chaambi defended his PhD entitled « Réaction d’alcénylation d’halogénures d’alkyles et de carbo-alcénylation d’oléfines »  in front of a jury composed of Dr. S. Perrio (U. Caen), Dr. B. Jamoussi (ISEFC Tunis), and Dr. J.M. Vincent (UB). Congratulations Ahmed !