Ahmed Chaambi PhD thesis viva

On the 13th of December, Ahmed Chaambi defended his PhD entitled « Réaction d’alcénylation d’halogénures d’alkyles et de carbo-alcénylation d’oléfines »  in front of a jury composed of Dr. S. Perrio (U. Caen), Dr. B. Jamoussi (ISEFC Tunis), and Dr. J.M. Vincent (UB). Congratulations Ahmed !

Anthony Fernandes PhD viva

On the 4th of December, Anthony Fernandes defended his PhD entitled « Etude et réactivité des cations silylium »  in front of a jury composed of Dr. J. L. Parrain (U. Aix-Marseille), Dr. A. Baceiredo (U. Paul Sabatier Toulouse), Dr. F. Leroux (U. Strasbourg) and Dr. M. Pucheault (UB) . Congratulations Anthony !